Contact Lens Examinations

If you are interested in contact lenses, we are here to help you!

Contact lenses are an excellent choice for many patients who would like freedom from glasses, a wide field of view and the convenience and cosmetic benefits of being glasses-free. Contact lens companies introduce new technology frequently, and we can often improve your comfort, health or vision over your previous lens options. Whether you need extended wear, occasional wear, 1-Day contacts, astigmatism (toric) correction, progressive (multifocal) lenses, specialty rigid (RGP) lenses or coloured lenses we have something for you!

Health and Safety

A crucial part of your success with these medical devices is having someone professionally match you with the right product. It is important to know that contacts can damage the sensitive surface of your eye unless carefully selected to fit properly and deliver oxygen to your cornea. You can trust that we will take great care to select a lens specifically for you using biomicroscopic examination techniques for accuracy. Our Optometrists also take into consideration the natural tear production your eye makes, your latest prescription, and your lifestyle.

Did you know ?

A contact lens can be like a new shoe, feeling good at first but rubbing or causing issues over time. We do crucial follow up appointments to ensure that your lens works properly even after day one. Also, an adult eye can change over time, requiring different contacts for good ocular health and visual clarity, so we will re-evaluate your eyes and adjust your lenses accordingly each time you are in for your comprehensive exam.

First time wearer?

You are in good hands. Ask us all of your questions, and we will show you the way to make contacts work for you. We include fitting, training and follow up appointments to ensure that you get great vision and comfort. Parents, we can talk with you about any interest your child has in contacts and help you understand the safest ways to help kids see well for their sport, hobby or social activity.

Our service includes:

  • The professional advice of an Optometrist
  • Internationally recognized brand names
  • Training for first time wearers
  • Important follow up appointments for best results