Laser Vision Co-Management

We provide pre and post operative care for Laser Refractive surgical procedures (LASIK and PRK). Our goal is to help you understand your laser eye surgery options, maximize your investment and get the best results possible long term.

For your pre-operative assessment, an Optometrist at Generations Optometry will examine your prescription, ocular health and visual expectations in order to determine whether you are a good candidate for a laser procedure. Surprisingly, some people who were told in the past that they could not get good results are now candidates for custom LASIK and wavefront technology. We can discuss which procedure may work best for you and connect you with the Ophthalmologists in Greater Vancouver who perform the preferred laser eye surgery.

Post-operative care is what happens to keep your vision on track after surgery. Please remember that not every surgery results in optimal vision without any eyeglasses or contacts. Part of our care will be evaluating your post-surgical vision outcome and offering suggestions for any eyewear needed. Even after laser eye surgery, regular annual care by an Optometrist is a good part of maintaining your ocular health.

Ask us about sunglasses to reduce glare and sun damage after your laser eye surgery!

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